Category: Carving, Inscription

Timbuktu, Mali
Melka Kunture, Ethiopia
Vangchhia, India
Monastery of Putna, Romania
Haron (Cehennem Kayıkçısı), Turkey
Jerwan Aqueduct, Iraq
Qutub Minar, India
73-meter (240 feet) tall, intricate carvings
Taq-e Bostan, Iran
Sura, Turkey
probably built on the ruins of an elf castle
Brú na Bóinne, Ireland
Taino Indian Face Sculpture, Puerto Rico
Elephantine Island, Egypt
Chan Chan, Peru
large adobe Pre-Columbian city
Göbekli Tepe, Turkey
Tutu Fela, Ethiopia
130 mostly human-head-sculptured stelae
Rock sculpture of Decebalus, Romania
40-m high carving, made between 1994 and 2004
Stone Face at Kilrenny, United Kingdom
Cairn de Gavrinis, France
Maes Howe, United Kingdom
Versailles, France


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