Category: Artifact

Heracleion, Egypt
underwater town
Dropa, China
Dwarfs and Disks
Hattusa, Turkey
El Enladrillado, Chile
The Bosnian Pyramids, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Manuscript 512, city with Ptolomaic Greek writings, Brazil
Hobbits on Flores, Indonesia
Sword in the Stone at Montesiepi Chapel, Italy
Wheel Imprint, Russia
found in a mine almost a kilometre deep
Teotihuacan, Mexico
The Stone Head of Guatemala, Guatemala
if it wasn't for this photo, it would be considered a myth
Lion City (Shi Cheng) of Qingdao Lake, China
Dwarfs of Palau, Micronesia
Monastery of Putna, Romania
Mohenjo-daro, Pakistan
Huaca del Sol , Peru
large adobe pyramidal building
Vindolanda, United Kingdom


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