Category: Area where the Natural Laws Fade Away

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, Myanmar / Burma
the huge bolder is not attached to the bedrock
Puma punku, Bolivia
part of a large temple complex or monument group that is part of the Tiwanaku Site
The Drunk Forest,
trees grow bent, people feel extreme fatigue and severe headaches...
New England Megalithic Chambers, United States
Davasko, Argentina
more than 300 tons... and used to swing in the wind... eventually it did fall down (maybe due to mining activity) and the people tried to make copy, which of course could not stay in such a precarious position as the original one, placed there by the Gods (according to local legends)
Magical forest of Huelgoat, France
Viborg Bay Monrepo Megaliths, Russia
Chortovoe Gorodishe, Russia
This site puts a big question mark next to many other similar "natural" formations
Gornaya Shoria, Russia
SonesgÄrden, Sweden
30 meters high, 40 tons
San Bernardino Mountains, United States


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