Category: Polygonal Stone Masonry

The Kremlin, Russia
Bandiagara Escarpment, Mali
Zaghouan water temple and the Sidi Medien aqueduct, Tunisia
Pont du Gard, France
Tarragona Aqueduct, Spain
Gila Cliff Dwellings, United States
Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings, United States
Chaco Canyon, United States
Baksei Chamkrong pyramid, Cambodia
Qoricancha, Peru
Ames Brothers Pyramid, United States
The Rustic Temple, United Kingdom
Deir Qal'a, Israel
Delphi, Greece
Keramikos, Greece
Efes, Turkey
Lyrbe, Turkey
Murud Janjira Fort, India
Piercebridge, United Kingdom
Circei Acropolis , Italy
Stanton Moor, United Kingdom
huge piles of cut stones partially covered plus strange out of place wall, close to stone circles
Santa Severa, Pyrgi, Italy
the official version is that the "Romans" built on the top of the "Etruscan" megaliths
Komárom Fortresses, Hungary
Elyros, Greece
resembles the style of the amazing Egil castle
Buthrotum, Albania
some images suggest an oder megalithic basis
Anta de Adrenunes, Portugal
L'Alcúdia , Spain
there seems to be an older megalithic base below the the primitive work on the top and the primitive "restoration"
Cosa, Italy
the interesting part are the megalithic ruins on which the medieval looking building was placed
Sarmisegetusa, Romania
Armawirblur, Armenia
Zvartnots "Cathedral", Armenia
Aphrodite's Sanctuary, Cyprus
Elephantine Island, Egypt
Surak-Kyulyum, Russia
natural or not?
Ingapirca, Ecuador
Vilcabamba, Peru
Gloucester Cathedral, United Kingdom
Phi Mai, Thailand
Phanom Rung, Thailand
Husn Suleiman Baitokaike, Syria
Daugavpils Star Fort , Latvia
The16 Pyramids of Argolis, Greece
Lixus, Morocco
Rockwall, Texas, United States
Hurvat Tefen, Israel
Great Yazilikaya, Turkey
Kokino, Macedonia
Hachiman-yama Kofun, Japan
Kiamichi "old furnace", United States
Possible megalithic wall
Maes Howe, United Kingdom


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