Category: Derinkuyu Style Rock Cut Chambers

The Titus Tunnel, Turkey
supposedly built in the Roman periods, but probably not at all because its style belongs to a completely different older periods (plus there are ruins in that old style in the vicinity)
Castles of Eğil, Turkey
absolutely amazing, the core of the rock carved castle is still standing, a living piece of fairy tale
Aslantaş and Yılantaş, Turkey
amazing giant lions and they are at Aslantas (is this that same Atzlan of the Americas, or as we call it Atlantis)
Sierra de San Cristóbal, Spain
the size of the complex is amazing, high walls, mysterious chambers and deep shafts stretch for many kilometers
Enormous Network of Underground Cities, Turkey
countless exposed ruins of what was once was a network of underground cities connected with kilometres long tunnels and capable of housing millions for permanent living
Pismis Kale and Akpara Kale, Turkey
Kekova, Turkey
so were they diving to build rooms underwater!!! penguin wisdom jewel!
Petra, Jordan
Incredibly Rich in History!
Xcaret Park Cancun, Mexico
eco-archaeological park built at the spot of "interesting underwater rivers", the "rivers" themselves are not different from the rock-cut roads/channels found all over Eurasia
The Enfeh Moat, Lebanon
the full area around seems to be abundant with very old rock cut ruins
White Cliffs Trail, United States
what about the imprints on the side at regular intervals? are they the same os those on the ancient european roads? what left them? and are the cavities on the side of the road rock cut ruins (which happen to go hand in hand with the european roads with strange quadratic marks at regular intervals)?
Bomarzo Mostri Park, Italy
interesting medieval statues built on the ruins of much older rock cut something, vehicle tracks from the older periods... show a bit amidst the modern cement path cover...
The Bobastro Ruins, Spain
complex of exposed and heavily eroded underground metropolis, the interior of couple of rooms is somewhat visible at places
Bocairent, Spain
town built on the ruins of layers of old rock cut city, dwarf tunnels, interesting rock cut road, so much history all in one place!
The Zayabaq and the Flour "Caves" of Baalbek, Lebanon
just compare the level or erosion of these exposed parts of underground dwellings with that of the famous Baalbek ruins to start understanding how much older are these ruins of underground cities
Cyrene Rock Cut Ruins, Libya
Chateau des Baux de Provence, France
it seems to a beautiful (historic) renovation of very old rock ruins
Kemer Sarcophages, Turkey
Tracks and Rock cut Ruins at Adloun, Lebanon
Poggio Conte, Italy
Fort Ovech, Bulgaria
medieval fort built on much older ruins, the full region has numerous very old rock cut ruins that deserve proper systematic study, but are denied such because people naively believe they are part of medieval forts, christian monasteries, simply "playful creation of Mother Nature", a "mystery" or any other excuse...
Zuigan-Ji Monastery, Japan
Regenstein, Germany
Burg Langenstein ob Melchnau, Switzerland
Longmen Caves, China
Parc archéologique de Syracuse, Italy
Calès, Lamanon, France
with recently discovered vehicle tracks!
Castello di Sperlinga, Italy
the rock cut older ruins below the medieval stuff is much more interesting...
Mortimer's Hole, United Kingdom
goes 150 meters inside the bedrock
Tiermes, Spain
the remarkable thing here are the relatively well preserved design elements of the very ancient eroded town or city, the megalithic work is of course much more recent than the original rock cut ruins
Rock City at Mt Diablo, United States
Orvieto, Italy
the older parts show signs of identical extreme age and identical design elements like that underground cities of Cappadocia, subsequently used and remodelled by later cultures (as everywhere else, again)
Kanheri caves , India
although the bas-relief are splendid, what is even more interesting is the fact that caves were carved in already existing older complex of caves, one belonging to the worldwide network of such underground dwellings...
Eski-Kermen and other underground cities of Crimea, Russia
Giant Rock "Castle", Nepal
Kandovan, Iran
Scicli, Italy
Turnu Monastery Cells, Romania
Kh. Jibeit , Israel
the stone masonry is in such a bad condition that it looks more like a pile of stones rather than ruins, but the lower layer of rock cut stuff is more interesting with its vehicle tracks and the curious round holes on the stone (what are they?)
Bisericile rupestre din Munții Buzăului, Romania
Saint John “al-sheer” church at Amioun, Lebanon
as usual the interesting stuff is below the church...
Chatby "Necropolis", Egypt
Vardzia cave city, Georgia
Mátraverebély "Hermit's" Caves, Hungary
Daras, Turkey
Tel Dor, Israel
Seleukia ad Piera, Turkey
City of Midas / Yazılıkaya, Turkey
Cueva de los Moros, Spain
Cuevas de Pinedo, Spain


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