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The Senams, Libya
megalithic ruins of unknown origin
Saladin Castle, Syria
possibly built on much older impressive rock-cut ruins, now labelled as a moat, the very deep rock cut (kind of a) road makes me doubt that the "moat" is just a part of the older structure
Old Summer Palace, China
European style palace in China, of course, burned down by the "colonial" forces
Dongdaemun Design Plaza, South Korea
so, they did polygonal stonework in Korea as well!
Iraq al-Amir, Jordan
Baalbek style megalithic palace
Nekromanteion, Greece
Zawyet el Aryan, Egypt
impressive size! since 1960, much of the area near Zawyet El Aryan has been restricted. no excavations are allowed, everything overbuilt with military bungalows, and the shaft of the Unfinished pyramid has allegedly been misused as a trash dump. the condition of both shafts is uncertain and most possibly disastrous.
Chateau des Baux de Provence, France
it seems to a beautiful (historic) renovation of very old rock ruins
Kamenne Gule v Megonkach, Slovakia
Tracks and Rock cut Ruins at Adloun, Lebanon
Al Maghazil in Amrit, Syria
Bull Creek Tracks, United States
Swiss Pyramid, Switzerland
Tel Ayalon, Israel
Roman Road at Blackstone Edge, United Kingdom
Castle Montfort, Israel
ordinary castle ruins built on an older megalithic base
The Kayseri Tracks, Turkey
interesting imprint that could be footprint of a giant
Teishebaini , Armenia
attributed to 7th century BC Kingdom of Ararat (or Urartu in Assyrian) and overall looks do seem to correspond to that period, but what about the scattered basalt stones with high tech stone finishing?
Poggio Conte, Italy
Fort Ovech, Bulgaria
medieval fort built on much older ruins, the full region has numerous very old rock cut ruins that deserve proper systematic study, but are denied such because people naively believe they are part of medieval forts, christian monasteries, simply "playful creation of Mother Nature", a "mystery" or any other excuse...
Zuigan-Ji Monastery, Japan
Norsun Tepe, Turkey
a bit too high tech for bronze age savages... hastily submerged under a dam
Atlit, Israel
The Historic Fertőrákos Quarry, Hungary
Circular Earthworks, Hungary
Rauk at Fårö, Gotland, Sweden
are these ruins or geological formations?
Pompeii Tracks, Italy
Azores Tracks, Portugal
The Oregon Trail, United States
knee deep at places...
Vehicle Tracks (commonly known called cart ruts for unknown reason), Malta
again they seem to have been left in the soft mud, and again going off cliffs and underwater... they seem to be vehicle tracks
Regenstein, Germany
Burg Langenstein ob Melchnau, Switzerland
Langen Stein at Langenstein, Germany
so the rock cut complexes spread all the way to Germany even!
Tihuanacu Area Toolmarks, Bolivia
Underground Dobrogea, Romania
kilometers of galleries, and "remarkable galleries" (of which we are not shown even photos...)
Qanat Firaun (Gadara Aqueduct), Jordan
170-kilometre-long complex engineering
Diolkos, Greece
Longmen Caves, China
Parc archéologique de Syracuse, Italy
Calès, Lamanon, France
with recently discovered vehicle tracks!
Mycenae, Greece
there is high tech cutting on the famous Lion Gate carving
Saxon-Switzerland National Park, Germany
suspicious cuttings in the stones here and there, like the staircase which is at a location that is too steep to access
Castello di Sperlinga, Italy
the rock cut older ruins below the medieval stuff is much more interesting...
Hawara Pyramid and Labyrinth, Egypt
high quality megalithic basis with monkey quality work on the top and the ground penetration scan shows amazing multilevel labyrinths below all that...
Browning Mountain, Indiana´s Stonehenge, United States
smoothly cut rectangular blocks of non local stone
Tiermes, Spain
the remarkable thing here are the relatively well preserved design elements of the very ancient eroded town or city, the megalithic work is of course much more recent than the original rock cut ruins
Unakoti, India
Angel Voivoda, Bulgaria
newly discovered complex, although many cultures left their traces here possibly the oldest could be a typical elf castle, still unclear if some of the boulders are actually megalithic blocks
Ruine Grasburg, Switzerland
Portes de l'Atlantide, France


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