Category: Spot of Interest for the NewEarth Research

Restos de camino, Spain
Piqueras, Spain
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Spain
possible elf castle ruins
Castrillo de la Reina, Spain
La "Necrópolis" de Sieteiglesias, Spain
Cueva de Hércules, Spain
La Cueva de Higares, Spain
Las «farmacias de los moros», Spain
Ausejo, Spain
Nalda, Los Palomares, Spain
Arnedo, Spain
the entire region is full of exposed ruins of underground chambers
Cova de les Finestres, Spain
Eremitorio de San Vicente, Spain
Burg Bärenfels , Switzerland
Ruine Greifenstein, Switzerland
Letzi Glögglifels, Switzerland
Ruine Geristein, Switzerland
Wehranlege Chuenisberg, Switzerland
la Pierre Clouise, France
Hypogee du Castelet, France
Grotte du Moulin (Bize-Minervois), France
Minerve la Vieille, France
Buthrotum, Albania
some images suggest an oder megalithic basis
Die Kruschhälden, Germany
Hvitserkur, Iceland
Strange Stones,
Anta de Adrenunes, Portugal
Castelo dos Mouros, Portugal
the medieval looking castle is built on the ruins of probably an elf castle or eroded underground complex
West Kennet Avenue and Longbarrow, United Kingdom
Fonelas Megaliths, Spain
Cuevas de Perales de Tajuña, Spain
L'Alcúdia , Spain
there seems to be an older megalithic base below the the primitive work on the top and the primitive "restoration"
Cueva del Moro, Spain
just one of the hundreds (thousands?) absolutely massive dolmen like structures found all over Spain...
Peña Guerra, Spain
near Logrono
Cosa, Italy
the interesting part are the megalithic ruins on which the medieval looking building was placed
Holdvilág-árok, Hungary
The Hitching Stone, United Kingdom
La roche aux fées, France
Armawirblur, Armenia
The Nochevo Ruins, Bulgaria
very ancient traces of ruins scattered over a large area, some elements suggest the style of the underground cities network, but it could be an elf castle too, or both at different times
Lemminkäinen temple, Finland
connected with famous Bock Saga
Unstudied Ruins, Russia
Park Burabay, Kazakhstan
natural or not?
The Apsheron Tracks, Azerbaijan
Yacimiento arqueológico de las Islas Canarias, Spain
Natural or not?, Croatia
Ancient trackway of Tlaxcala, Mexico
Via delle Gallie, Italy
La Porte romaine de Bons, France
Royal Pavilion, United Kingdom
why the beds are for dwarfs in the a former royal residence?


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