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Stone Pavement in the Tarasov Region, Russia
Terceira Mount Brazil Hypogeum, Portugal
Ancient Quarry remains Krakow city, Poland
the Statue at Shravanabelagola, India
Smar jbeil castle, Lebanon
built on older rock cut base, the newer top part is not as special
The Guilá Naquitz Cave Near Yagul Archaeological Ruins, Mexico
could be an old rock cut chamber
Stargate at Tirumala, India
powerful radiation at a holy site
Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes, France
it seems even the Blessed Virgin Mary likes this type of old rock ruins because she manifested at such a site and healing miracles still take place there
Upton Chamber, United States
Burg Falkenberg, Germany
Burg Weißenstein, Germany
Festung Rothenberg, Germany
Wülzburg, Germany
Burg Altenstein, Germany
possibly built on older rock cut ruins
Tongwancheng, China
sand, soil and water were mixed, yielding a strong building material, which is known as “white earth"
Montreal Crusader castle, Jordan
Jericho, Israel
Burg Rotenhan, Germany
very interesting because the style, which is rare amongst the rock cut ruins
Balouat balaa, Lebanon
officially this is just a natural sinkhole / waterfall, but most likely it is part of oldest layer / style of network of rock-cut ruins
The "Tile Floor" of Oklahoma, United States
Worn Hand-Made Mouse Skin Dwarf Shoe, Ireland
before it disappeared from public view it was well studied and it was confirmed that indeed it has been stitched (by very small hands) and it definitely had signs of wear
Arctic Henge, Iceland
modern, but still nice
Kouros of Apollonas, Greece
10.7 metre tall unfinished statue
Cleft Island, Australia
it could be natural or it could be ancient rock cut ruins
Loryma, Turkey
Hebron, Palestine
a "brother" of Baalbek, The Temple Mount and The Nimrod Fortress, some of the stones in the basis reach the size of a bus
Baynun, Yemen
the size of the tunnel is very impressive
Ma’rib, Yemen
Murallas de Tarragona, Spain
the interesting thing here is the cyclopean base of the "roman" fortifications, some of it stones are absolutely massive
The Naveta Oriental de Biniac L’Argentina, Spain
Blaca Desert, Croatia
most likely remains of the countless rock cut cities in the region
Abuna Yemata Guh, Ethiopia
Tomb of Benei Hezir & Tomb of Zechariah, Israel
illustrates the transit between rock cut and built stuff
Playa del Amor, Mexico
after carefully inspecting the images it turns out this is most likely very old rock cut ruins!
Mílos , Greece
massive and very old rock cut ruins, some underwater
Jiaohe, China
Caves of Karaftu, Iran
Abba Yohani Monastery near Tembein, Ethiopia
Debre Damo, Ethiopia
Washa Mikael Rock Hewn Church Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
same style as the rock-cut ruins in Turkey, Italy, Spain, Armenia...
Melka Kunture, Ethiopia
Adadi Mariam Church, Ethiopia
Pofadder Vitrified Stones, South Africa
Network of Tunnels Below Montreal, Canada
Quenuani, Peru
Lifelines Flowers, Russia
just one example of countless lifelines found all over the globe
Tracks and Tunnels near Bidar, India
stretching for over 100 kilometres
The Rustic Temple, United Kingdom
Sicilian Monolith, Italy
Zubala Well, Saudi Arabia


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