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Elyros, Greece, Southern Europe

  resembles the style of the amazing Egil castle

Conical pyramid with a circumference of 16m and a height of 4.6m. The interior has a carved room with dimensions 2.20m x 2.10m and height 1.40m. Hello Sylvie, a week ago I was in Crete and there I visited Elyros. It took me hours to find the rock-cut conical pyramid. The location in your map is wrong. See the new location on my map. then I looked for the rock-cut chamber tombs. They are called so on a shield in Rodovani, but I'm not sure because there I saw a small pyramid with drains to collect the rainwater inside into 3 basins. The structure seems to be the same age as the conical pyramid or maybe older (look the photos). It took me three days to find it because it´s on no map. Also, I find a dolmen-like structure. I am not sure if it´s megaliths but it´s a very big smooth stone about 100-200 tonnes and it´s unusual in this area. If you look from both places to the Libyan sea you will recognise two things, both structures are nearly in one level to the sea in front of the Ilands Gavdopoula and Gavdos. At the site of Lissos near Agios I find a typical small type of megaliths wall.

Address: near Rodovani
This site belongs to the following categories: Polygonal Stone Masonry
Derinkuyu Style Rock Cut Chambers

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