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"Beehive" Stones , Hungary, Eastern Europe and Russia

There are many towering rock cavitties in the Bükk Mountains near the town Eger which are carved with many small or big rectangular closets, and other forms. These are assumed by some people to be medieval beehives, but the really origin and purpose of the carvings are unknown. Not far from here you can find cup marks too on rocks or little stone spheres in the ground. In the nearby villages carved in the vulcanic rocks underground cave dvellings are used as flats, stables, or wine cellars. In reality the so called "Beehive Stones" (also found in Iran, Macedonia and Bulgaria) seem to be yet another name for the remains of vast worldwide work of very ancient underground cities. Due to their size they could be the portions made the dwarf race(s). Since such a race did make a portion of the turkish portions of the cities for sure (proven by reliable studies), they could have made these too and that is why they may seem somewhat small for dwellings, for us, the big ones.

Local Name: Kaptárkövek
Address: in various places in Bükk mountains near Eger
This site belongs to the following categories: Underground
Derinkuyu Style Rock Cut Chambers
Cup Marks
Spot of Interest for the NewEarth Research

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Kács - Kaptárkövek, Barlanglakások, Kőhodályok

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