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Giant Rock "Castle", Nepal, South Asia

This site doesn't even have a name... Some 10 000 rooms / chambers high up in the sky testify to the fact of how little do we know about the history of our planet. The very label of "caves" attached to them can lead to misunderstandings. Although they do like rock dwellings, sort of caves, at the moment, this does not mean that they were anything like that at the time they were designed. And that time was quite long ago! Not only the erosion proves it, but their very location, literally in the skies shows that they were made when the ground level was somewhere else. But that is normal, the erosion shows possibly even millions of years of age... so yah, the ground level was definitely somewhere else... and most likely these were underground cities now laid barren... by time... to wake us up from our sound slumber in regards to history. Also the material of the "bedrock" seems strange, see the last photos... does not look like a real rock...

Variation Name(s): Ancient Nepalese caves, Sky Caves Of Nepal
Address: the former Kingdom of Mustang in North, Central Nepal
This site belongs to the following categories: Underground
Derinkuyu Style Rock Cut Chambers

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