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Holdvilág-árok, Hungary, Eastern Europe and Russia

The site is located in the hearth of Pilis Mountain in Hungary, not so far from its capital, Budapest, about 6 km from the small city of Pomáz. The site is called Holdvilág-árok, which translates as Moonlight-trench. There are dozens of legends suggesting that the whole area – for some reason – was a very important “religious”, even sacred place for the ancient Hungarians. There is even a legend which says, that the highest point of the mountain, the Dobogókő (Beating Stone) is actually the hearth-chakra of the Earth. Here you can find huge rectangular stone blocks, heavily eroded wall remains, artificial caves (rather small in size) and so called beehives-rocks and so on. The first researcher of the site was Sashegyi Sándor, who in 1939 has found a huge carved stone wall more than 10 m high, some large stairs leading toward another carved wall, a small, but rahther interesting man-made cave, an already disturbed grave containing a skeleton of an elderly man, a crystal cup, fragments of horse and deer bones, and some column fragments but most of these findings has disappeared since from the National Museum of Hungary.

Variation Name(s): the Moonlight-Trench
Address: Pomáz
This site belongs to the following categories: Megalithic
Ancient Mine or Quarry
Spot of Interest for the NewEarth Research

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