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Barskimming Rock Cut Tunnels, Caves and Track, United Kingdom, Western Europe

Two extensive and adjoining rock cut Tunnels and 2 caves cut into the Red Sandstone Gorge of the River Ayr at Barskimming, Lockhartshill Plantation with doorways cut into the rock tunnel and opening onto the Riverside and with access through each tunnel from a vehicle sized path. Can find nothing online about these tunnels not even in the history of Barskimming estate. No obvious usage can be attributed to these tunnels as it must have been a lot of work but no use case lends itself to this dedicated major effort.

Local Name: Lockhartshill Plantation, River Ayr Gorge
This site belongs to the following categories: Underground
Ancient Vehicle Tracks, Cart Ruts
Spot of Interest for the NewEarth Research

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