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Temple Mount, Israel
the large megalithic blocks at the base clearly belong to an older layer of construction
Pyramids and Grottos at Okia, Victory Beach Otago, in the South Island, New Zealand
officially the grottoes are man made and the pyramids are natural formation, but looking at the pyramids doubts arise as of their natural origins...
The Titus Tunnel, Turkey
supposedly built in the Roman periods, but probably not at all because its style belongs to a completely different older periods (plus there are ruins in that old style in the vicinity)
Longyou Grottoes, China
the machine tool marks are clearly visible, the complex is so large that the full mountain is practically hollow
Sierra de San Cristóbal, Spain
the size of the complex is amazing, high walls, mysterious chambers and deep shafts stretch for many kilometers
Enormous Network of Underground Cities, Turkey
countless exposed ruins of what was once was a network of underground cities connected with kilometres long tunnels and capable of housing millions for permanent living
The Kabardino Balkariya Megalithic Shaft,
it is so huge, that it leaves one with the impression that it is a buried megalith after all rather than something built underground
Pismis Kale and Akpara Kale, Turkey
Kekova, Turkey
so were they diving to build rooms underwater!!! penguin wisdom jewel!
Petra, Jordan
Incredibly Rich in History!
Baalbek, Lebanon
Absolutely massive!
Puma punku, Bolivia
part of a large temple complex or monument group that is part of the Tiwanaku Site
The Great Pyramids of Egypt, Egypt
the Largest of all known Egyptian pyramids
Macchu Picchu, Peru
Kailasa Temple and the Ellora caves, India
Serapeum at Saqqara, Egypt
Hebron, Palestine
a "brother" of Baalbek, The Temple Mount and The Nimrod Fortress, some of the stones in the basis reach the size of a bus
Baynun, Yemen
the size of the tunnel is very impressive
Paleo Burrows of South America, Brazil
possibly hundreds of kilometers of weird tunnels, it seems they were dug out by extinct animals
Beit Guvrin-Maresha, Israel
the bell shaped (often gigantic in size) grottos have curious tool marks which is very hard to categorise as done by unsophisticated technology
Luzit Caves, Israel
The Cave of Swimmers, Egypt
curious rock art mermaid depictions
Osirion Abidos, Egypt
The Bobastro Ruins, Spain
complex of exposed and heavily eroded underground metropolis, the interior of couple of rooms is somewhat visible at places
Bocairent, Spain
town built on the ruins of layers of old rock cut city, dwarf tunnels, interesting rock cut road, so much history all in one place!
The Zayabaq and the Flour "Caves" of Baalbek, Lebanon
just compare the level or erosion of these exposed parts of underground dwellings with that of the famous Baalbek ruins to start understanding how much older are these ruins of underground cities
Lalibela, Ethiopia
Elongated Skulls on Islands Covered with Megaliths and Vehicle Tracks, Malta
massive geopolymer blocks!
The Bosnian Pyramids, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Felsenkeller Schwandorf, Germany
Cave Network below Primark in Thanet, Kent, United Kingdom
Hortiatis qanat, Greece
The qanat ancient technology is based on excavating tunnels of low slope, to reach an aquifer and transfering its groundwater to the surface without pumping.
Tatucera de Tacuarembó, Uruguay
Beth Shearim, Israel
a massive glass slab that looks like a stone is found there
Pisac, Peru
Dome of the Rock, Israel
an Islamic shrine located on the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem
Shushtar Watermills, Iran
Balouat balaa, Lebanon
officially this is just a natural sinkhole / waterfall, but most likely it is part of oldest layer / style of network of rock-cut ruins
Washa Mikael Rock Hewn Church Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
same style as the rock-cut ruins in Turkey, Italy, Spain, Armenia...
Network of Tunnels Below Montreal, Canada
Tracks and Tunnels near Bidar, India
stretching for over 100 kilometres
Zubala Well, Saudi Arabia
Chateau des Baux de Provence, France
it seems to a beautiful (historic) renovation of very old rock ruins
Poggio Conte, Italy
Zuigan-Ji Monastery, Japan
Underground Dobrogea, Romania
kilometers of galleries, and "remarkable galleries" (of which we are not shown even photos...)
Qanat Firaun (Gadara Aqueduct), Jordan
170-kilometre-long complex engineering
Longmen Caves, China
Pozzo di S. Patrizio, Italy
Mortimer's Hole, United Kingdom
goes 150 meters inside the bedrock


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