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Parthenon and Erechtheion, Greece, Southern Europe

Megalithic "temples" that were "restored" (or changed to fit what the "restorers" imagined it was like) several times. The site has megalithic stones and columns that were hard to "restore" and "replace" even today, and the "restored" section is now only done with simple plaster, not stone, and even then it is not done as well as the original work. The "temples" are located on top of a hill with several smaller stone sites on the hill. Supposedly built by Ancient Greeks 2800-2300 years ago depending on the "historical" claim.

Variation Name(s): The Agora, Athens Agora, The Acropolis, Acropolis of Athens, The Acropolis of Athens, The Athens Agora, The Parthenon, The Erechtheion, The Parthenon and the Erechteion, Temple of Athena, Temples of Athena, The Temples of Athena
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