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Pyramid of Cestius, Italy, Southern Europe

Measuring 29.6 m square at the base and standing 37 m high. In the interior is a chamber, a simple barrel-vaulted rectangular cavity measuring 5.95 metres long, 4.10 m wide and 4.80 m high. In 1660, the chamber was found to be decorated with frescoes, which were recorded by Pietro Santi Bartoli, but only the scantest traces of these now remain. There was no trace left of any other contents in the pyramid. Since May 2015, the pyramid is open to the public every second and fourth Saturday each month. Visitors must arrange their visit in advance.

Local Name: Piramide di Caio Cestio
Variation Name(s): Pyramid of Remus; meta Remi
Address: Via Raffaele Persichetti, 00153 Roma, near the Porta San Paolo and the Protestant Cemetery
This site belongs to the following categories: Megalithic

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