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Various non poisonous cures will be reviewed here,
mostly not well known but yet very effective,
some of them tested by NewEarth herself

Some of the would be



OIL PULLING (highly recommended!)

MMS (highly recommended and tested by newearth!)

(highly recommended!)

COCONUT WATER (highly recommended!)


SODA BIKARBONAT (highly recommended!)


AYAHUASCA (highly recommended, but only for individuals who are ready to face the fact that they create the reality around with their thoughts and beliefs, it could be not so effective for those with different mindset...)

HONEY PULLING (highly recommended! i all make a video about it)

Dr. Patrick Flanagan's NEO - Neural Efficiency Optimizer - Neurophone (this is the only one in this list that is actually NOT recommended after being personally tested by NewEarth, all the other above are recommended. the NEO Neurophone indeed does something to your brain (NewEarth felt it very clearly) , but what exactly is the big question. It is possible that it does benefit certain individuals, but for other it may cause dizziness and sickness, that is what NewEarth experienced. Proper scientific testing records and case studies are nowhere to be found...)




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