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Issue 1, 18 may 2016

Hi everybody,

It will be few weeks before I will be able to make new videos, but my latest one called "Elusive Giant Megaliths from Sigiriya to France and more "Elf" Castles" will certainly give you enough food for though for time being. After publishing the video I found imprints/marks identical to those of Sigiriya and the French forest on the Felsenmeer stones as well...

And hopefully during these weeks I will find at least some hints, if not actual answers to the questions raised in this last video. This is my most important video so far and I hope it will attract public interest, I hope it will make you look in your area and hopefully submit your findings to the online directory at

As P. Petrov said in his interview the information about Atlantis and the rest of the very ancient history was simply blocked in the past and opened to some extent only since couple of years. I am not surprised it was, how could the humanity take seriously the pathetic comedy play it currently takes part in... on the stage of the cosmic karma, if it knew about its actual origin? But it seems that soon the humanity is going to wake up from this nightmare of pollution, wars and self inflicted miseries. The winds of time seem to start helping us sail towards a new era. On the trash-hold of this new era we will start noticing and understanding the sophistication and wisdom of the earthly races of the past. Hopefully the things that I have been noticing about the giant mystery structures will be a part of those forgotten memories that humanity may turn its attention to as it rediscoveries the potential of the original human form.

An interesting site from Australia appeared in the directory yesterday, it is called Garigal National Park. If I was in the area, I would be already on my way to it!
sincerely, Sylvie Issue 2, 20 June 2016 Hi, The first episode of the Spain expedition results is out To watch it for free now please spread the word about my website Much more new sites are getting listed in the directory lately, don't forget to find new interesting places daily Due to numerous requests I am trying to organise autumn/winter expeditions opened for everybody who wants to join. Probably there will be an offer for Italy on a self-drive basis and for Malta in the winter. Today I will start working on the second Spanish episode about the dwarfs and then the third one to follow is about the ancient cities. On the the background the work is going on the final version of the Survivors series and an improved version of the Meltaliths videos (which I deactivated due to new Meltaliths observations made in Spain). Thank you for your attention! Sylvie Issue 3, 26 July 2016 Hi, 3 OF THE SPAIN VIDEOS ARE NOW PUBLISHED In case you received an email that you will be able to view them, but you still can't do so, please let me by replying to that email. And if you want to watch them, but do not know how please visit ONE PLACE LEFT FOR THE ITALY EXPEDITION The Italy group is almost full now. There is only one place left for a lady (how is willing to share her room with another female). Few people with cars have applied and they are willing to share their car, so even if you do not drive you will be connected to them to make the transport arrangements together and share the transport cost. For full details about the expedition WEBSITE IMPROVED I am still working on developing the functionality and design of Most importantly now the interactive maps are greatly improved. Those showing the sites in particular category for example now show all the sites in this category (and not only the results shown on the particular page as it was before and as all most services do...) MY BUSY PERIOD IS OVER I was quite busy for 4 months. Now that is over... hopefully i will be able to make more videos from now on as i did in the winter period. Sincerely, Sylvie (NewEarth)


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