1. Spain, may 2016, to view the results please continue here or watch the trailer of the series here

2. Central Italy, 3rd - 14th October, results - trailer, part 1, part 2, part 3

3. Malta, December 2016 - view the videos about the results




4. Sardinia and central Italy, hopefully in the autumn of 2017 (further details to be published in a video)

Tour of the Nuraghe and the the Rock Cut Ruins of the Island, group of max 4 to 8 people

10 days - euro 1350, single supplement - euro 50

included in the price

  • hotel accommodation in nice private rooms, mid range (about 3 or 4 stars)
  • all breakfasts
  • intensive all-day program of exploration of historic sites (all entry fees included)
  • airport transfers
  • all ground transport, international flights are not included

not included in the price - flights, lunches, dinners, and everything else not mentioned above, traveling with a suitcase bigger than aircraft cabin size (if you wish to take a bigger suitcase along please note that there is an extra charge of euro 50 for that), there is no extra charge for taking along your tourist camera and taking photos of the places for personal use, but taking along a video camera or taking images for use other than personal will cost extra, starting from euro 50

Method of payment - small deposit now and the rest is due in cash on arrival. Cancellations - your deposit is 100% refundable without any questions asked up to one month before departure. Please note that the price of the tour may increase after you book it, but the price for you will be always locked and fixed at the amount specified on this page at the time you book.

Are you traveling alone or as couple?
tel. number


5. Israel 12 days, hopefully in the autumn of 2017 (further details to be published in a video)

6. Bulgaria, (unconfirmed)

7. Spain and France, (unconfirmed)


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